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What We Do

The Netherlands-based Stichting Route Server Support (translated: Route Server Support Foundation) was founded to support the development of BGP & RPKI route server software to further the quality and safety of the Internet routing system.

The Internet Industry currently faces an interesting challenge: collectively we have become dependent on a single open source BGP implementation. We tackle this lack of open source software suitable for high-end mission critical Route Server deployments.

Our goal is to improve BGP software diversity and strengthening of open source BGP implementations. Using both BIRD and OpenBGPD will provide the reliability and redundancy of the Route Server Service present at modern-day IXPs. 

We contribute to the diversity in Route Server implementations by using the Internet Engineering Task Forces (IETF) open Internet standards. Open Standards make it possible to create multiple different implementations for the same functionality - each implementation with its own strengths. Leveraging a diverse set of Route Server implementations reduces the chances of a single software defect causing Internet-scale problems.

What we do


The basis of RSSF's Route Server implementation is the OpenBGPD open source project. Feature-wise OpenBGPD already is in excellent shape, what now remains as a roadblock is performance.


We believe we have a realistic path to improve performance to meet the requirements of the largest scale IXPs.

Interested in our roadmap?


We fully support our rpki-client & OpenBGPD-based Route Server for your IXP. RSSF offers assistance with the onboarding, implementation and support.

Curious what our Route Server can do for your IXP? Contact us!

Founding Sponsors

"Today, almost all Route Servers are based on a single recognized open source software. Our goal with the RSSF is to create a second, comparable powerful Route Server implementation based on OpenBGPD here. DE-CIX would like to make a significant contribution to the community and is therefore one of the founding sponsors of the RSSF."
Dr. Thomas King, CTO

“Ensuring the stability and diversity of route servers is of great value to IX operators and the peering community. This is why Netnod has been supporting OpenBGPD developers for some years now. We look forward to the continued development under the guidance of the Route Server Support Foundation.”
Mattias Karlsson, Head of Engineering

“Open standards and software diversity are essential for the robustness of the Internet, so we fully endorse an initiative that aims to develop a viable alternative to the existing route server. Moreover, this initiative once again shows that the large Internet exchanges can work together to achieve goals that are beneficial to the whole industry.”
Steven Bakker, platform and solutions architect

"LINX is committed to having another open source based Route Server available for deployment on all our exchange platforms. We are committed to working with RSSF and other IXPs to deliver a stable and scalable Route Server infrastructure. This is an exciting time for Route Servers in this industry."
Moyaze Shivji, Senior Network Engineer

Meet The Team

Niels Raijer


Job Snijders


Jean-Micheal Veen


Claudio Jeker

Lead Developer

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Theo Buehler

Cryptography Developer

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Bram Heerink

Project Lead

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Supporting Partners


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